Sunday, June 22, 2014

Ranch Renovation

Ranch homes pose such as challenge to a homebuyer or current resident. Many people like  one story living, and opening up the existing space by removing some walls works for them. For others, the low ceilings, flat roof line and rectangular space just doesn't work at all. To eye a standard ranch and figure out what to do next is hard. Here are a few ranch homes that were adjusted to two story living...both contemporary and traditional styles. Hopefully this gives you some inspiration on what you can do with a simple rectangular space for exterior visual appeal. 

home design kitchen design exterior before after pictures
I love this house because they broke up the front facade with a porch, various roof heights, entranceway, etc. Too many people just cut dormers into the room leaving everything else intact. This shows you that you can do so much more!

before after pictures brick home with siding cedar shake design
For a ranch that is brick, it doesn't mean you are stuck doing brick on your second story. I look the cedar shake siding and eyebrow on the roof. 

metal roof dormers interior design home design
With metal roofs all the rage, you can take a 50's-60's ranch and modernize it. This looks like it was built this way. 

contemporary home metal roof house plans home plan
Option of just going up in the rear of the home. 

before after pictures images house home design interior design atlanta
Several photos of this house below. Here is the before. Ouch. 

painting brick off white metal roof before after pictures
The front of the house after. Obviously this person loves their cars. The garage is a little oversized in my opinion to the house, but the house itself looks fantastic. 

before after pictures container garden off white brick
The rear of house. 

before after pictures courtyard
Courtyard in middle shows all the light flowing into home through the large windows and rollaway glass doors. 

white brick painting atlanta new york ranch eyebrow roof
Landscaping doesn't look like it had been done yet, but a nice traditional 2nd story addition to this ranch. 

reconfiguring ranch style home before after pictures
Dormers added and front porch/entranceway.

before after pictures ranch remodel reconfigure design
You can tell this was a tiny home. A few dormers and adjustments fit this small lot perfectly.

before after pictures atlanta raleigh new york

adding dormers 2nd story floor front porch columns painting brick white
Small front porch with columns helped add some visual appeal to 2nd story addition.