There are several lovely places you can visit to view original works by Jennifer Latimer.

  • to shop available pieces, browse through my art, learn about inspirations behind the pieces and for any other information.

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  1. I just read about you on the blog Decorgreat. I LOVE all your artwork. My favorites, if I had to choose only two, are the wishbone and the Coco Chanel in Paris Acrylic Abstract Painting. Amazing pieces :)

  2. I love your artwork! My favorite piece is the gilded corals. I am entering a giveaway from Honey We're Home blog and can't figure out how to leave a comment on my favorite piece so I'm going to do it here. Your pieces are so pretty and they would make my home look so glamorous. Even if I dont win the giveaway I'll definitely purchase a piece soon.

    -Cara Stelz