Friday, September 28, 2012

Hirst at Tate

I really do need to focus more of my blog on art --of all kinds. There may be about one billion different forms of art, and every one's tastes are subjective. You'll see people at gallery openings saying, "WTF?" when the next person strolling by says, "Wow, that's amazing!"

While in the UK, I got my fill in Edinburgh of the masters...Italian Renaissance, Impressionists, etc. Some of these masterpieces took painstaking years to complete. While in London, I wanted to see the Tate Modern. It's an iconic art museum that had several headliner showings. We decided on Damien Hirst. Why? Well, it was a complete departure from what I'd normally view, and challenges you to think and see things differently.

First, I will say that I was disturbed by pretty much 99% of his exhibit. I do believe he is more of an exhibitionist than anything. I'll leave out the flies, rotting meat, severed animals suspended in liquid and cigarette butts. I couldn't look at half of those exhibits. His butterflies were another truly blurs the lines of beauty and death. Hirst likes to draw out the fact that even under the most beautiful circumstances, death is inevitable. Morbid, yes. Challenging, yes.

butterfly art
Now, even though we weren't allowed to take photos, we snuck a few in. This is a mosaic piece made of all butterfly wings. It was mesmerizing. He even has wallpaper now in this print. The colors are soft, and what could be more beautiful than butterfly wings? Well, then you think that every wing came from what is now a dead butterfly. Hmm, maybe sad after all.

tate museum damien hirst stained glass butterfly wings art
These poor people had no idea they were in the way:-)

hirst butterfly art
Close up.
damien hirst stained glass butterfly wings art
Looks exactly like stained glass, right? Nope, more butterfly wings. I was a little concerned about exactly where Mr. Hirst got all these precious wings. I did a little research and turns out PETA hasn't been thrilled with his work and is outraged. From what I know, Hirst hasn't provided any answer about how he obtains the butterfly wings (and I don't want to know about the other animals) -- specifically, whether they were killed for the sake of art or collected after they were already dead.

hirst interior home decor
On a prettier note, here are two of his pieces at the Byblos Art Hotel. Amazingly, his wheel art on the right has no death or ugliness about's just paint!!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unique Wallcoverings

It seems walls are becoming art statements as of late, and they run the gamut from textured, painted, gold leafed, stone composite, watercolors, etc. Here are a few unique tastes.

black walls midcentury chairs
Quartz geo stone type look.

art on walls purple and white
Black Crow Studios Watercolor paper and canvas colorings.

purple lilac gold walls aged
This looks almost like an old patina that has slowly worn off over the years.

using maps on walls decorating bedroom
Maps used as wallpaper.

white rope walls seagrass rug
This textured rope/fabric wall looks like it was sewn together.

textured bathroom walls blue and white garden stool in bath
And, of course grasscloth, which is everywhere right now in all colors. This is by Philip Jeffries.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

In the Mood for White & Navy

White & Navy Fall 2012

I feel like I have been seeing a lot of rich blue/navy paired with white for interiors lately. So, I felt inspired to pull together a mood board living room based off a few photos.

Pinned Image
Living Room #1
Pinned Image
Living Room #2

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Splurge vs Steal Nightstand

In addition to throw pillows, I hate spending money on lamps. I know some designs really require an investment, but really just a plain ceramic lamp with a brass bottom? Same with a nightstand in a certain draper style look, in white and with a height of at least 28"? You guessed it, I couldn't find anything close to what I wanted with this criteria within spending reason. Now, the Robert Abbey lamps aren't really that bad, but when you need two matching ones, it can be steep. The Jacqui nightstand, well, is way overpriced in my opinion. Let's start with a couple of rooms that inspired me:

gold starburst mirror white and mint gold room

orange pink white bedroom decor jacqui nightstand

white bedside table gloss brass ring
jacqui nightstand white lacquer bedroom

Below were my Splurge and Steal picks for this look.
brass and white bedside decorating

robert abbey lamp look a like
I went with my 'Steal' option and got pairs of both, saving me over $1,800! Six brass ring pulls from online and gold spray paint for the bottoms of my lamp completed the look.

Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint reviews
 I get a lot of questions about what I use for my DIY projects. For gold, I highly recommend the Rust-Oleum Metallic brand. As with any metallic, I have learned to get a spray clear sealer as well to prevent any from rubbing off in the future.

robert abbey lamp diy pottery barn white ceramic lamp brass bottom
My nightstand and lamp in soft whites. I like to be lulled to sleep...soft, bold colors so went with a very light room color scheme. I did matching sets on either side of my bed, but no full picture yet until I get my accent pillows picked out:-)

Monday, September 17, 2012

No White After Labor Day?

Although archaic and not applicable anymore, the adage of no white apparel after Labor Day still sends fear into many when they pick up those white jeans or slacks. So, what about interiors? It's not like you can just snap your fingers and swap out a shade for a room. Again, it's a stupid old saying in my mind, so here are some fab interiors in all white worth noticing with a little bit of my UK trip thrown in.

shiny white floors all white decor
White walls, ceiling floor, rug and furnishings with a touch of blue in pillows.

white cottage decor interior shabby chic
Various shades of white for a very french country/cottage feel.

all white kitchen white floors
Don't fear, I'm not going to post 90 more white kitchen pics:-) I like the white lacquered floors here.

soft whites living room cottage country decorating
Dreamy Whites blog takes white throughout her cottage and farmhouse. Super pretty and warm

decorating in all white

small sink vanity for small bathroom
You would expect a bath to be white, but I like this vignette because it's classic, modern and pretty all at the same time.
where to stay in london notting hill

Our hotel in London...the Hempel. All white and modern. 

where to stay in london boutique hotel
The Lobby which they tint up at night in pink or purple with ambient lighting.

notting hill garden park wedding lawn location hempel
We had no idea when we booked Hempel, but their garden was the location for the wedding scene in Notting Hill.

hempel hotel rooms
 We were a little weirded out by our room I have to say. Super spacious and a suite, but we felt like we were on a space station with the massive doors and all white narrow halls.

artist sign and white painting
White on white for their gallery downstairs. I knew I liked this place...think I need this for my office...or my house since my art has taken over the entire place at this point.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Indigo Lane

Just like fashion, there seems to be a new 'it' color for interiors popping up every change of season. With fall on tap, navy and indigo seem to be emerging in art, furniture colors, walls and fabric. I think it's the perfect color to swap in for the colder months without seeming dreary or too dark.

white and blue interior decorating lacquered chest indigo
 Love this high gloss dresser.

dresser indigo painted with gold ring hardware
Another dresser as featured in Rue Magazine. 

white slipcovered sofa blue and white living room designs
 Restoration Hardware is even ditching their subdued, dark French Country with a little indigo set against white and light wood.

indigo blue art for interiors
"Viola" painting has a beautiful array of colors and indigo statement.

blue white bedroom cream four poster bed
Via Traditional Home. A deep indigo upholstery and accents in rug and windo panels.

navy white indigo painting abstract interiors
This Mod Undercurrent painting would be a perfect addition. Love the gold.

white and navy bedroom indigo
Hmm, that wallpaper is definitely inspiring a painting!

blue white purple living room decorating idea
A House Beautiful makeover..check out the batik rug.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

More Mint Please

Happy Sunday! Here are a few more wonderful interiors and baubles donning some mint:

striped beige walls
I love the colors in this room...soft, peaceful with just a touch of color.
stacking gold bracelets chunky
I love large bracelets with a geometric design and a little color.
molding around fireplace
Caitlin Creer Interiors.

bedroom decorating ideas mint
Soft mint walls and fabric shade.

mint dresser console indigo interior design
A darker mint applied to a console cabinet.

summer outfit white and turquoise
I am in love with these shoes with the gold heels and soles!

living room mint yellow gold decor ideas white modern couch
The brick in this room was painted with Benjamin Moore's Cool Mint 582.