Saturday, July 28, 2012

On the Campaign Trail

This last week I was on a campaign for, well, Campaign Furniture. A dresser to be exact and I wanted it in a white lacquer...something unique for my bedroom. This type of furniture is so hot right now and really hard to find. Its background goes all the way to Julius Ceasar and meant for traveling armies.  British army officers put it on the social elite list, which worked perfectly since pieces don brass capped corners and shiny brass inset handles.

Its comeback is spurred by the Mid Century Modern craze that is sweeping home design. You know, that 1960s furniture of your parents that you got rid of? Oh yeah, it's all back. For campaign furniture, the rage is to paint or lacquer the vintage pieces in white, black or super cool colors influenced by the Hollywood Regency trend.

Campaign furniture white Campaign dresser zebra print chairs hollywood regency
From the pages of Lonny. These are two chests put together in a chic green.

purple pink Campaign Chest
Society Social styled up their fab chair next to this purple piece.

Campaign furniture white Campaign dresser zebra print chairs hollywood regency
Love this white lacquered look.

Campaign furniture Vintage hollywood regency
Love it as a nightstand. I really struggled choosing between matching nightstands or a dresser.

black campaign nightstand brass corners
Via High Gloss Magazine. Black gloss for these flanking the bed.

Campaign furniture Vintage Campaign Desk lucite chair
So pretty.

So, in my hunt for a piece, I scoured Craigslist, ebay and Etsy.
Etsy has some cool finds for a reasonable rate.
Large Vintage Campaign Desk with Chair hollywood regency meets bohemian
I already bought my office desk, so if somebody doesn't scoop this up for $250 then you are crazy!

Campaign Nightstand white campaign furniture for sale

So, finally, after contacting numerous etsy collectors who paint and lacquer chic pieces, The Papaya Tree found my dresser. It's in a hot deep yellow, but I want it in white. She's going to spruce that girl up and make her shine. Can't wait to get it!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Emerging Artist on One King's Lane!!

So, it all happened a few weeks ago when I was exasperated after many nights and weekends painting, unpacking in my new house, making my full time job a priority, posting on Etsy, shipping art, etc. Just when I wondered what the heck I was doing to myself running at this rate, the Art Buyer at One Kings Lane contacted me. The LA office buzzed her about my art, and OKL was interested in featuring me as an up-and-coming artist. Needless to say, I was beyond excited. I get their email every day, pour over their sales, admire all their talented featured artists and ogle over vintage finds.
one kings lane popular artist art painting
one kings lane day of art sale
So, tomorrow on their Day of Art, I will be featured as one of their Emerging Artists. You can find reproductions of three of my original works for sale.
The sale will run from Tuesday, July 24-Thursday, July 26.

Just pop over to to view. Signing up is easy and free! They may be some of THE nicest people I have worked with...what a classy, sweet group.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Colortime Summertime

I took a couple days off of work, well, to do work. Sad really, but I did get something finally pulled together for the house. My gold faux bamboo bar cart is finally complete!!

styling a beverage cart tea cart entertaining
It really brings some great color into my front room.

how to decorate bar cart tea cart entertaining

Bar Cart - Society Social
Flowers provided by Charleston Flower Market
Vintage Highballs via etnaStreetModern on Etsy
Gold Milk Tray by client Jennifer of VirginiaHaskins-- also on Etsy

yellow white serving tray modern print
And, while I was out picking up some items, I saw this fabulous tray at World Market for only $19.99. What a great print, color and deal.

Happy Summer Entertaining!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wallpaper: Commitment Phobia Solved!

Wallpaper is the comeback queen in my opinion. Remember when you would move into a house and the first thing you'd say was, "Ugh, I can't wait to get rid of that wallpaper!" Men have a severe aversion to it because they were apparently more affected by their parents who wouldn't give up their 70's inspired mustard yellow and green wall coverings. But, it's a fierce way.

So, if you've ever had to remove sucks. Especially when you discover it was just the first layer, AND there's an even uglier wallpaper under it that has managed to cement itself to your plaster or drywall. Paint seems too easy to switch for us to venture down wallpaper lane. But, I think I've found my solution to being commitment-phobic for an accent wall with wallpaper. Removable! You can even take it with you and reapply if you move or if your landlord strictly forbade you to put it up.

Damsel Wallpaper by Urban Outfitters. Their Marrakesh is my #1 favorite!

Oh Happy Day blogged about her install and removal of this fantastic geometric print!


Sherwin Williams has some ridiculously cool prints in the EasyChange line. Check it out!

Piewacketblog did a great job with the Easy Change!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Summer Time Gardens

I have too many loves regarding homes that I have a hard time balancing. Decorating, renovating/remodeling, art and gardening. When I say gardening, I'm not really the tomato/squash farming type. I think it's super cool when I see my neighbors' vegetable gardens, but I'm all about the 'show' and design. You know, the flowers and their array of blooms, layering of colors and textures, etc. My mom, who is Mrs. Green Thumb, always tells me, "Always do curves in your beds and plant in odd numbers." It's a little different in home interiors in the odd #s part, but some rules still apply. If it gives you perspective, my plant stand made bank over our lemonade stand growing up. My mom had a mini nursery in our backyard and let me benefit from selling off her hard work (love you mom)! If someone bought one of her staghorn ferns, it made my allowance for a year. If you've bought established plants, you know how expensive they are. My sister has the gift too and am waiting to see her yard in Southern Living any day now.

To start, give yourself a little treat to reward yourself at the end of your digging and planting in the heat.

Currently, with the all the basil and blackberries in full affect, I love this cocktail: St. Germain, splash of fresh lemon juice, muddled fresh basil and blackberries, and Prosecco or Champagne. You can also sub club soda for the bubbly. SOOO refreshing and light. You can see I went a little heavy on my blackberries;-)

I'm a little behind in the planting season b/c I just moved into my house, but thank goodness for the thunderstorms and rain these last few days. I was lucky enough to score a sale at a wholesale nursery for some basics. If you haven't found your wholesale nursery in your area, then you are spending WAY too much for basics. They are a little bit of a hike typically, but most do deliver if your fab little car can't handle the load. Now, let's get to some pretty yards!

 shade yard under large trees patio options
Architectural! You can tell they have large trees that shade most of the yard, so they rocked an alternative to full grass and plantings.

Pinned Image
To die for border under large oaks. It's not as easy as you think and this takes years to grow in! Hydrangeas abound and great layering.

patio landscaping stone path layering flowers
Jenny Hardgrave in Atlanta gave a patio lots of color. This affect you can get very quickly grow time.

Notice the curves, layering of colors and laddering to give depth.

My favorite by Donna Lynn. After looking at these curves, I hear my mom and now have to redo mine because mine aren't up to par and look puny in comparison.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Work and Love

All good intentions on my current, but it has been so sadly sidelined because my art has really skyrocketed. Big news to come soon and I will share with everyone, but I am in 'pinch me' mode. The last few days have really proven that persistence, hard work, not letting negative/jealous people get to you, and long hours can reward. I know how many long hours and years I have put into my full time job, so adding my art in addition has been monumental to say the least. Late nights, early mornings and no fun weekends. To all my friends and family who parent, hats off, because this is my baby and I know it's not nearly as demanding as a beautiful child who needs a billion times more time, attention and love.

So, today I delivered a commission downtown to such a gorgeous, sweet gal with exceptional taste. I have so many supporters that make every long day worth it. I cannot wait to see it up on her wall!

 This is a 48"x60", so quite large and I fell in love with it. She has beautiful taste and some exceptional antique and art pieces in her home, so it plays wonderfully. It's hard to convey gouache paint as well as gold in a photo because it really is more stunning in person and the colors are different when you see it. Photos don't really give you depth, opaque paint or light reflection as expected. As with other clients, I did a home consultation and collaborated on colors and taste.

Two more commissions in the works and a visit to another great supporter this weekend. For the Chuck Town scene, if you would like to see some of my paintings in person, just swing by Ann Beddinfield's Fast Frame shop in Belle Hall next to II Brunettes. She has so many frame options it's unbelievable and is SO reasonable. Thanks to Liz for introducing me! And, the drumroll announcement will come soon!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Words to Live By

Just a few wise words to remember over your morning java!

coco chanel quote quotation I don't care what you think about me
From a hard working lady who never let a critic or negative person stop her.
Some people have way too much time on their hands to make assumptions and judge others .

live life today quote and be happy
Am loving life!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Outdoor Curtains

After plenty of time outdoors for the 4th, it's time to take our outdoor living areas up a notch. It's easy to extend your home decorating outside to a patio, porch or yard. I am really loving outdoor curtains to frame my screened in porch. Will be going for a simple white, but they add a little 'resort' formality to an otherwise plain space. They can frame your corners and add movement with the breeze. Here are some of my favorite outdoor curtain applications:

Outdoor living space white and pink striped pillows and outdoor furniture.
With all the wood on this deck, they softened it with some simple white outdoor panels. Via Houzz.

overed deck-patio with beaboard ceiling painted purple hanging mirrors white chandelier
Wow, hanging mirror, liners and panels and lavender painted ceiling.
The boxwoods and silver lanterns are fab! Amanda Nisbet Design.

Chic patio with faux grass chairs found in paris black and white outdoor pillows, black and white outdoor curtains
Via Traditional Home. Faux grass chairs and the black and white just looks very Beverly Hills.

Trellis stone patio with fireplace covered neutral panels
Very California...the stone and modern feel is given a little softening with the curtains tied with rope.
Via Houzz.

outdoor grill ideas home remodel with outdoor patio french
I love how these large, white curtains framed out a separate outdoor living area next to grill.

Friday, July 6, 2012 newest design inspiration

Everyone asks me if I have a theme for my art. I guess color is my theme because there are just way too many inspirations that I find convey beautifully into a painting. I've been taking pictures with my phone non-stop lately when I see a color combination or design that inspires me. The other day I was catching up on some fashion mags while getting my hair done and came across so many cool prints and designs. But, it was the cover of Elle and the inside of Us that made me fall a little in love with Balmain.

The Parisian fashion house is literally on fire right now with celebrities and the fashion world. The intricate designs on the dresses, the use of gold and sparkle, traditional mixed with modern, rock and get the picture. The likelihood that I will afford any of their dresses is slim, but their detail is mesmerizing!

blue and gold dress louis vuitton style
This could practically be a Gilded Mint dress if the blue had just a touch more green in it!

kristen stewart premiere pictures
I really wish she would smile more...and brush her hair. Regardless, Kristen in a Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Balmain dress with intricate detail. At least she glammed it up a bit for an event.

Zoe Saldana celebrity in balmain dress photo
Zoe Saldana wowed with a feminine piece edged with a cut out back. Beautiful colors and sparkle.

Sexy vixen time. Two Victoria Secret models square off in this gold dress.
If you can get over the deep V in the front, the detail on the dress is exquisite.

balmain on selena gomez beach photo
When I saw Selena Gomez in the June 2012 Elle gracing both the cover and inside in Balmain, I was taken with how beautiful this design, a little color, sparkle, gold. It was just so feminine yet rich looking. Anyhoo, I had to do a painting that was just perfect feminine and luxe in feel.

pink painting art for girls room
Super chic for a girls room or nursery.

pink wall paint bedroom mirrored bed black and white chair
And, lastly, this just seems like a Balmain inspired bedroom. Love the shine with the bed, modern abstract and pink walls with a black and white accent chair! Courtesy of Domino Magazine.

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to Update Your Kitchen...without breaking the bank!

I have a lot of friends who have put off updating their kitchen because the thought of ripping apart their central home hub is too much of a hassle. Not to mention the price tag of redoing a kitchen. But you don't have to go all the way to bring your kitchen into the year 2012. You can paint your cabinets, switch out hardware, change your backsplash, update counters or reface your doors. Or, take that horrible florescent ceiling light and put a pretty chandelier or gorgeous flush drum shade in. My kitchen was recently installed when I bought my bungalow, but it just wasn't my taste. I would have felt horrible ripping everything out and didn't believe the investment was warranted when I considered my options.

I'm pretty prolific about my love for white kitchens with marble counters. They are timeless in my opinion-clean, bright and simple. So, I opted to paint the oak cabinets white, replace my countertops, swap out my backsplash and add a new overhead light.

First, let's start with another style maven, Kimberly at Restoration House, who had my same vision so you get an idea of what we are talking about. This is an after photo.

updating a kitchen with paint white subway tile backsplash
Her kitchen cabinets before!

cottage style kitchen white
Cabinets after painting.

kitchen before after replacing formica countertops
Ugh. I felt like this was a kitchen in an Extended Stay hotel suite. Yep, that's my kitchen.

budget kitchen remodel before after white kitchen
Oy vey, that formica (brown/green/beige) and a long wall! Lots of oak going on here. I needed to break it up especially with those great floors.

corian raincloud rain cloud in kitchen picture white painted kitchen cabinets
After! I put up an open shelf to visually break the large wall expanse. Paint on cabinets is "Snowbound" by Sherwin Williams. Counters are "Raincloud" by Corian. I love marble, but it would have been stressed with the settled slope of my old home, and if I ever rented my place they would get destroyed. I now like this better than marble! The color is incredibly rich. Granite seems to be on the out, and the 'in' quartz is so expensive. Martha Stewart also now has a line with Corian that is gorgeous...mimics light stone perfectly. "Sea Salt" is another favorite.

snowbound sherwin williams quartz or corian marble look alike counters
Everything is just brighter and prettier! White subway tile is so clean and fresh looking. Just remember, wood cabinets need a lot of priming, sanding and oil-based paint. I opted to outsource this job and don't regret it at all! You have to pick the battles that you tackle yourself when you have so many home updates. I also love cabinets that go to the ceiling, so I may paint the space between the two in the same white as the cabinets to make them appear taller. Still need to style this up!