Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cocktails & Art

Yesterday we had a little fun. The folks at Palmetto & Cannon Properties threw a cocktail party featuring my art in their newly renovated, historic Charleston home. The house was a perfect backdrop for my paintings with exposed brick and beams, reclaimed floors and accent lighting. Perfect weather, great company and yummy food. Here are a few snaps from the party.

charleston single renovation downtown
Winds over Kiawah could not look any better in this setting.
It's as if this space and painting were made to be together.

jennifer latimer painting exposed fireplace center of room
Banff Cascades Garden popped against the brick and was the focal point downstairs.

art on exposed brick fireplace hanging height
Mod Undercurrents No. 1 & No. 2 set against an exposed fireplace.

jennifer latimer art show gallery opening

charleston abstract artist gilded mint

Mod Undercurrent No. 3 sold at party.

renovating a charleston single house plans
jennifer latimer art show gallery opening
Kari, Liz and Jill. Liz was kind enough to loan me two of her purchased pieces for the show that she expertly framed, such as the Fashion in Repose illustration below. 

gold and black home decor decoration

Monday, August 13, 2012

Chi Town Interiors

I will be working non stop all week in Chicago, so I won't have lovely architecture and fab pics to share. But, if you've ever been to Merchandise Mart and longed over every bath and interior you could see, then you know Chicago has some serious style. It's style without trying to be they don't really have to try to hard...just regal and unexcused. You might want to shield the eyes of your wallet on these...a few Chicago design loves:

best sunrooms 2012 trends
You don't expect some incredible sunrooms, but Kara Mann took black framed, metal windows top and bottom. Let the light in!

white stone fireplace turquiose settee
Gray blue walls, deep turquoise settee and a serene condo living area. James Thomas.

chicago interior decorator
Love a black ceiling with this wallpaper. James Thomas.

velvet sofa beige walls pink lavender top design style chicago

closet like a clothing boutique
Thornton again with a closet that should be in a boutique!

beverage cart celebrity top designers
Quite possibly the most amazing jade and gold bar cart ever. This has "out of my price range" written all over it! Via Summer Thorton.

Kara Mann is not messing around. I don't like drama in my life, but I wouldn't mind a room that has some drama to it. What a hot bath!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Art Features & Thank You

Happy Sunday! I'm off to Chicago for a week, but before leaving I wanted to show some photos of my art framed by clients in their homes as well as give a special thank you to those that have featured me on their blogs.

pink blue purple pillows red pouf
A commissioned piece works brilliantly with a client's fab pillows. Via To Kansas With Love.

banff cascades garden framed painting
Two Banff Paintings placed in gorgeous gold frames that carry the movement all the way to the edge!

pink gray interior decorating design decor pictures
If you want to see the Banff Poppies & Roses framed and placed near some pink and green, Charleston Revisions has these two up next to some Turkish Ts. Love the way they pop against a gray wall.

And, a special thank you to recent blog features!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Campaign Finds

While I was posting not too long ago on Campaign Furniture and my new found vintage dresser, I stumbled upon the most fabulous nursery furniture. No, I am not prego, but if I was, these would be snapped up so fast. Think of that soft pink, black and white pairing. Or, ring in a boy with just black, white and maybe a few safari animal prints. Hmm, or go with some regal navy and sailboat pics for a boy. The possibilities are endless. Anyway, I found House of Honey and fell in love with their style.

vintage nursery furninture campaign
Changing table/chest.

white campaign furniture
Super chic crib.

house of honey nursery hampton designer showhouse
Hampton Designer Showhouse. See my post on it here.

black and white nursery with gold
Moving into a big kid bed!

And, just a few more from House of Honey designs. Tamara Kaye-Honey is the designer behind the company. I like her exclamation of "The New Vintage." Think that's what I'm calling my style now:-)

turquoise home interior design pictures
contemporary interior design pasadena
painting mid century modern furniture gloss lacquer
white gold purple white interiors
house of honey interior design upholstered headboard

Love, love, love. Her blog is going up on my favorites!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How to Light Art

Hi! I’m Joanna, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a must-shop source for brilliant lighting fixtures including the types shown here. I’d like to thank Jennifer for allowing me to share a guest post about lighting artwork. Not only is correct lighting important for aesthetics, artwork can be damaged by the wrong lighting. Below are some tips and examples for successful lighting.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Meant for smaller artworks, picture lights (pictured above) draw attention directly to the details in the piece. Want to bring warm colors out in your artwork? Use incandescent bulbs.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
"Fashion in Repose" Ink and Gold on Professional Archival Paper would look lovely lit by a single picture light to pick up its gold details.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Bendable and adjustable, monorail lighting is versatile enough to create unique light schemes in a sophisticated and highly aesthetic way. It is the perfect lighting fixture for a wall gallery of paintings or photographs.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Jennifer’s Spring Missoni & Chanel Inspired Series would look lovely lit with monorail lighting. Tip: Be sure to steer clear of direct natural light and fluorescents as the UV rays can damage and fade artwork.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Gooseneck lights provide focused directional light on artwork. They’re adjustable so you can pick out a specific area of the art you’d like to highlight.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Coco Chanel Garden "Camellia" Inspired Abstract would look lovely highlighted by a single gooseneck light. These lights are made to prevent upwards light.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Some experts like subtle indirect light sources to light art such as floor lamps, wall sconces (shown here) and table lamps. All of these in addition to a picture light will bring the beauty out in your art.

Interior Design Lighting Solutions Artwork Displays Home Decor
Jennifer’s 31 RUE CAMBON #2 would look lovely over the fireplace and lit with several of the light sources shown above to make the gold glow and the pinks pop. Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

I hope these tips help when it comes to lighting you artwork, it is always great when lighting enhances a painting instead of overpowering it. Which type of lights do you prefer to use when showcasing your art? Comment below and don't forget to check out all of art worthy monorail lights at Arcadian Lighting.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Haute Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are everywhere right now in decor---pink, blue, purple, white, faded green... For us in the South, they were gone long ago except for the homes that bought the Endless Summer variety. For those up North, they seem to be wrapping up in glory. In addition to them being all over the Hampton Designer Showhouse, they seem to be making a bit a lead over the all time winner peony. It's obvious that I love flowers...goodness knows I paint enough of them! Here's an homage to hydrangeas:

chandelier in bedroom white walls and hydrangeas
Via Decorista. She might have my all time favorite design blog tied with La Dolce Vita. They aren't constantly trying to make a buck promoting sponsors and silly product features. So, back to the picture --not only are the pillows popping, but love the floor canister filled with fresh blooms.

traditional home kitchen
House of Interior Designer Patricia Fisher. She has a different color (which I'll explain later) in every room freshly a full suite of bursting bushes off her patio! Featured in Traditional Home.  
Love that back splash.

landscaping with hydrangeas pink purple white picket gate
Yep, you kind of wish that was your side yard. Via The Enchanted Home.

blue white china green walls decorating ideas hydrangeas
Vintage sunburst mirror with a serious floral display that is possibly outshining the fab purses.

kelly wearstler style interior design modern
You can take them into black and white posh. Full white blooms set off black and gold. Via Decor Pad.  Kelly Wearstler fabric in background of course!

jennifer latimer artist painting art abstract charleston sc
So, in that tone, here are my Haute Hydrangeas in Acid. For most hydrangeas, they will be in an acidic soil and bloom blue and purple.

jennifer latimer artist art painting pink hydrangeas
Haute Hydrangeas in Alkaline. I wanted the pinks to show some edge for their unique color. Very hard to get the pinks, but you can doctor the soil to get them this color.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Home Feature - Hampton Designer Showhouse

We all dream about know, the Cape Cod looking beach house with weathered cedar shake siding, white trimmed windows adorning every space, hydrangeas bursting over the lawn, sweeping ocean views... Sigh, in the mean time, we can still take out pics of Diane Keaton's home in As Good as It Gets, but also take a peek at Traditional Home's Designer Showhouse.

2012 Hamptons Designer Showhouse Shingle house by Grande Design Residential

Lee W. Robinson designed entry in the 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse
Perfectly colorful, rich and bright all at the same time!

Traditional home 2012 Hampton Designer Showhouse
More of the entryway.

hamptons designer showhouse dining room
mid modern century island hamptons home
white kitchen black bar stools hamptons home
Bakes & Company Kitchen. Hello backsplash!

Jennifer McConnell for Pearson design
Guest suite. I am in love with the chair and curtain fabric.

Traditional Home 2012 Hampton Designer showhouse
Great gallery art wall in the den. Blue hydrangeas were everywhere in the house.

hampton designer showhouse den
More beautiful, rich blues!
robert passal bedroom design green and coral
Master bedroom by Robert Passal.

pink green white bedroom tobi fairley hamptons
Of course, Tobi Fairley nailed this bedroom.

Hampton Designer Showhouse bedroom
Check out the ceiling stripes!