Saturday, August 23, 2014

Featured in Better Homes & Gardens

What a surprise it was when I opened up the September issue of Better Homes & Gardens to find one of my paintings featured in the Southern California home of Andrea & Ricky Schroder. Yes, you read that right, as in celebrity Ricky Schroder from Silver Spoons and NYPD Blue. In the article, "Surf's Up," interior designer Andrea wanted the 'inside and the outside of the house to read ocean.' Andrea ordered a print of my painting "A Marble State" from One Kings Lane and turned it on the vertical to adorn her ocean view dining room. She commented that she like how the design of the painting looked like waves. To purchase your own canvas print or framed print of this painting, click here.

painting wall art in better homes and gardens one kings lane beach house decor

ricky schroder wall art celebrity painting home interior design artist pink gray grey navy
A Marble State Painting available here.

Southern California home article interior design ocean view

decorating beach front home light airy gray wall paint grey magazine

beach house seaside decorating living room wall art

surf's up article french doors bedroom aqua white design one kings lane painting

Monday, July 14, 2014

The Latest in Artwork

New paintings are released! All flower themed. 

ballard designs painting french country interior artwork painting original canvas
Narcissus Papyraceus 24"x30" on Canvas. Available HERE.

gray grey purple green beige tan painting wall art artwork living room dining room bedroom art
Illusion of Irises 24"x30" on Canvas. Available HERE

jennifer latimer painting flowers peony lulie wallace pink green aqua
Posh Peonies 11"x14" on Canvas (SOLD)

lulie wallace flower painting charleston sc colorful art original pink orange blue green
Valentino's Garden 11"x14" on Canvas (SOLD)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Taking a Stroll: Window Boxes

Charleston has the best window boxes around, hands down. We strolled through downtown the other day and I decided to take a few snaps. Shade or sun, there are a variety of inspiring boxes for an entrance planter or window.
charleston window box gate hanging wrought iron

full sun window box low water drought tolerant vinca

all shade window box easy plantings various heights

begonias window box flowers charleston sc downtown historic home

shade tolerant window box design historic charleston home south carolina

charleston sc downtown home battery window boxes

easy drought proof window box south hot climate sunny

part sun shade window box charleston sc wrought iron planter box

southern window box south carolina green pink

southern states window box shade

southern warm climate window box easy planting

southern part sun shade window box
walking downtown charleston

A few others for inspiration:
best bright window box tolerant blooms

tulips hydrangeas beautiful window boxes spring blooms pink
Urban Chic window boxes white greenpretty window box mix purple pink white flowers

northern window box violas low plantings

christmas holiday flower window box winter cold weather

flower window box

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Miami Fashion Challenge

I don't normally do fashion posts, but this one I could not resist. First, I am dabbling in the fashion world with my 2014 scarves through Kenneth Jay Lane. Second, when Kendra Thornton approached me to pull together looks for her trip to Miami, I knew this was the challenge for me. Having grown up in Fort Lauderdale, spent many a night out in Miami, and having a military sense of 'streamlined' packing, simply pulling together outfits for hot, HUMID, and windy weather is right up my alley. Plus, I am a new mom, so looking fashionable and smokin' without looking slutty is important. Now, I went above and beyond and pulled together a week's worth of looks that I know can fit in a carry-on bag. For those of you that have traveled with me, my luggage for a 4-day work trip has rivaled a colleague's toiletry bag in size, and I pulled together 2 weeks worth of cold and warm weather attire for a trip to South Africa in just One.Carry-on.Bag. I can hear women cringing around the globe at this thought. It's not for the faint of heart or indecisive dresser.

Intro, Kendra Thornton. A PR Executive with three kids, who appears as a travel expert on television stations across the country to offer travel tips and deals to millions of people every year. She makes regular appearances on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC and CW stations in major cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. She has also made special guest appearances on Fox News, The Nate Show, Fine Living Network and The Tyra Banks Show. 

The itinerary places Kendra and her husband at the Biltmore Hotel. That means classy and traditional Miami...not the Soho Beach House on South Beach with pulsating lounge music at the pool. Outings include beach/sun, boating on Biscayne Bay, a cooking class at Biltmore's Culinary Academy, and some nights out in Miami with a nightclub visit in South Beach. 

My boards of looks for day and night center around tips for packing light, easy and geared toward Kendra's itinerary.

Miami Days

TIP: Shoes weigh A LOT. And, they take up a lot of space. Pack minimal pairs that can mix/match with multiple outfits. Flip flops take up NO space and are my go-to. Super easy in airport security as well. 
TIP: Each top and bottom should go together. Same with your hat. The fedora works with almost every single daytime piece, and the tops go with both shorts. 
TIP: Beach cover-up. I prefer a tunic and shorts for this trip. Why? Because of the boat. Have you been on a boat with just a one-piece, flowy/short coverup? It will be up around your waist in no time and you will be stuck holding it down over your tush and sitting the entire trip. Wear the shorts:-)
TIP: Look effortless. I love the green fitted jersey dress because it has color and pattern, packs flat, masks wrinkles and goes with sandals, wedges or flops. Everything is comfortable and interchangeable. Simple, light weight, stylish. 

Miami Nights

Miami Nights by gildedmint featuring a black dress

TIP: Pack dresses. One item, one outfit...not two or three. You can't mess that up. Plus, Miami is HOT and HUMID. Wearing jeans just doesn't sit well with me there. And, it's not often that a Chicago gal gets to wear dresses after all.
TIP: Pack a cardigan or something lightweight to keep you warm at dinner. Why? South Florida restaurants seem to over compensate the outside heat with sub-zero air conditioning, and you can carry on for a cold flight down. Now, someone from Chicago may love that, but I freeze every time. 
TIP: Don't buy something for Miami that you can never wear again. People go overboard with Lily Pulitzer when that is not their style, tropical prints or a way too revealing outfit for South Beach. Then they get down there and end up just looking like a tourist. A tourist who Will.Never.Wear.It.Again. Don't lose yourself and your wallet just because you are traveling. Everything I picked Kendra can wear again...whether on another trip or back home during the summer. 
TIP: Each nighttime look is sexy, cool and can be dressed up or down. Far right is for South Beach, but Kendra can easily pair with black flip flops and the white cardigan if a more casual dinner called for it. The red dress is perfect for a night in Coconut Grove. Fitted, caliente red with a little flair for a few salsa moves. I can see this dress paired with a black blazer and pumps in the future for a work day to night look.