Friday, July 11, 2014

Taking a Stroll: Window Boxes

Charleston has the best window boxes around, hands down. We strolled through downtown the other day and I decided to take a few snaps. Shade or sun, there are a variety of inspiring boxes for an entrance planter or window.
charleston window box gate hanging wrought iron

full sun window box low water drought tolerant vinca

all shade window box easy plantings various heights

begonias window box flowers charleston sc downtown historic home

shade tolerant window box design historic charleston home south carolina

charleston sc downtown home battery window boxes
This window box has some really great features. 
charleston window boxes shade tolerant

The Lechuza Balconera Cottage Self Watering Window Box is rustproof, weatherproof, hangs from walls or rails + can be floor planter, has pull-out liner making switching plantings easy, and a water reservoir to extend time between feedings. Window boxes dry out QUICKLY, so this is nice because you can monitor the reservoir levels as well on its indicator. The list of pros go on for this planter. 
easy drought proof window box south hot climate sunny

part sun shade window box charleston sc wrought iron planter box
Simple window boxes that work in a modern or traditional setting used to be hard to come by. I love this box for its simplicity. Sleek with a faux lead finish, this is made of lightweight fiberglass.
southern window box south carolina green pink

southern states window box shade

southern warm climate window box easy planting
I really like the look of this box/planter meant to look like stone, yet made of lightweight plastic.

southern part sun shade window box
Since boxes dry quickly, watering is a constant task unless you buy the self watering box I included at the beginning of this post. This hose has been a great purchase. Space saver and easily expands to a long length.

walking downtown charleston

A few others for inspiration:
best bright window box tolerant blooms

tulips hydrangeas beautiful window boxes spring blooms pink
Urban Chic window boxes white greenpretty window box mix purple pink white flowers

northern window box violas low plantings

christmas holiday flower window box winter cold weather


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