Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Haute Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are everywhere right now in decor---pink, blue, purple, white, faded green... For us in the South, they were gone long ago except for the homes that bought the Endless Summer variety. For those up North, they seem to be wrapping up in glory. In addition to them being all over the Hampton Designer Showhouse, they seem to be making a bit a lead over the all time winner peony. It's obvious that I love flowers...goodness knows I paint enough of them! Here's an homage to hydrangeas:

chandelier in bedroom white walls and hydrangeas
Via Decorista. She might have my all time favorite design blog tied with La Dolce Vita. They aren't constantly trying to make a buck promoting sponsors and silly product features. So, back to the picture --not only are the pillows popping, but love the floor canister filled with fresh blooms.

traditional home kitchen
House of Interior Designer Patricia Fisher. She has a different color (which I'll explain later) in every room freshly cut...plus a full suite of bursting bushes off her patio! Featured in Traditional Home.  
Love that back splash.

landscaping with hydrangeas pink purple white picket gate
Yep, you kind of wish that was your side yard. Via The Enchanted Home.

blue white china green walls decorating ideas hydrangeas
Vintage sunburst mirror with a serious floral display that is possibly outshining the fab purses.

kelly wearstler style interior design modern
You can take them into black and white posh. Full white blooms set off black and gold. Via Decor Pad.  Kelly Wearstler fabric in background of course!

jennifer latimer artist painting art abstract charleston sc
So, in that tone, here are my Haute Hydrangeas in Acid. For most hydrangeas, they will be in an acidic soil and bloom blue and purple.

jennifer latimer artist art painting pink hydrangeas
Haute Hydrangeas in Alkaline. I wanted the pinks to show some edge for their unique color. Very hard to get the pinks, but you can doctor the soil to get them this color.

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