Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chalk it Up to Paint

Nope, not talking about a chalk board in your home. I think they are cool, but I just don't want to have to clean it and have chalk dust in my house. I've got enough to clean as it is:-) But, I recently came across chalk paint for furniture and walls. I love to paint pieces in black, white or gray, but the oil based paint and sanding can be cumbersome. Solution is chalk paint. Annie Sloan in particular crafted this recipe designed to give an opaquey look and rock on coverage. You can still sand and wax for a smooth finish, and she even has a crackle and lacquer.

how to use chalk paint
If you are in Charleston, Charleston Revisions has this for sale. They are also carrying some of my artwork, so check it out!

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Painted with chalk paint from Remodelholic. Love that gray and the blue gray on the walls.

Victorian Desk chalk paint white
A victorian desk at Charleston Revisions...already sold unfortunately:-(

how to use chalk paint
A before and after from A Charming Little Nest.

chalk paint chest furniture
From Blue Egg Brown Nest. She has turned chalk painting into a career.

cabinet painted with chalk paint annie sloan
And, one of the most perfect fits for this paint would be kitchen cabinets! From Shades of Amber.

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  1. Not good to use chalk paint near a stove, especially if you use the wax method.