Friday, January 11, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

My last post was all about luck. Well, if it's anything like weddings and rain on your big day, then our NYE was full of luck. My beau and I traveled to Spain to ring in the new year and take in some architecture, art and history. A little Flamenco, lots of walking and lots of traveling in just 7 days. Just 10 minutes before the clock hit 12, it started to rain. Now, not such a big deal if you are inside, but we were on a rooftop taking in the well lit Cathedral across the street...quite the view and quite the experience when the bells tolled. It didn't matter; we still enjoyed every minute!

view of cathedral seville at night
Our view at midnight on a rooftop in Seville! 

Well, it must have been a sign of good luck because my art has been flying off the studio floor these last two weeks. Almost 30 paintings and a growing commission list has taken all my mornings and evenings to fulfill. The picture below has been my life since I returned....packaging and shipping, but I love it!

I won't bore you with tons of pictures from our trip, but here are just a few highlights:
christmas new years eve seville spain what to donew years seville
My handsome beau giving a cheers to a New Year!

seville spain restaurants
Our NYE meal was top notch.

things to do in cordoba spain
The Mezquita in Cordoba was an elaborate, massive site mixed with Islamic and Catholic extravagance. 
Edvard Munch's painting right before he produced The Scream, which sold for almost $120 million last May--the highest recorded art sale in history!

where to eat in cordoba spain
One of our best meals sitting on glass overlooking Roman ruins in Cordoba. We were serenaded by a wonderful flamenco singer and guitarist. 

street in seville
Just a view of a quaint street from our hotel balcony. 

Gaudi's La Sagrada Familia...still under construction since 1882. Completion date...another 80 years. His plans were grandiose, wouldn't you say? An unbelievable masterpiece with touches of Gaudi's whimsy. 

Alhambra, Granada, Spain. 

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