Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 A Lucky Year!

Some people don't believe in luck and some swear by it. I think I'm a little of both since I believe you have to know what to wish for and then remind yourself of it every day. Good luck charms are "hope" and a little bit of "faith" encapsulated in a symbol.  I started my gold luck paintings when I thought about which chic object I would want to see every day to remind me of my goals and dreams. The wishbone has great sentimental value to me, but whatever your good luck charm, I say run with it. Louis Vuitton has. The recent campaign is all about luck...from lucky numbers, four leaf clovers, you name it. Well, if you got an LV item this holiday, then you are lucky!

2013 good luck charms louis vuitton fashion
LV's lucky charms. 

gold jewelry sunglasses louis vuitton

good luck charm art lucky
For just $28, this 24K Gold Four Leaf Clover is a steal if it brings good things. 
good luck 2013 ideas

Gold wishbones are everywhere right now, from jewelry to decor.

gold prints art decor interior decorating
Even better, pair the 24K Gold Wishbone print with a gold 24K Kiss

louis vuitton wish list
  Hope everyone gets a kiss on New Years Eve and good luck in the New Year!

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