Friday, April 19, 2013

Tackling the Yard

Well, Spring has sprung in Charleston. That means the azaleas have lost their blooms, and the weeds and bugs have emerged in full force. If you haven't gotten your yard under control yet, then chances are it is knee high in weeds from every direction. Currently, I am in a full hate relationship with my back lawn. This isn't North Carolina where it seemed so easy. There, I could even do everything organically. Here, with the full sun to full shade swings in seasons, from parched dry to floods, let's just say gardening is a bit difficult. So, while I fight the good fight against nature's odds in a wacky coastal climate, let's sit back and envy some other yards:-)
stone walls back yard landscape design white and green
If this is your back yard view to your pool and stone pool house, well then you BETTER be drinking champagne out there every night, splashing around and throwing Gatsby style parties every week. If you aren't, then I would highly recommend you sell your house to me for a reasonable rate:-)

gravel and pavers path wooded shad gardening
A simple pathway with caladiums, azaleas and ferns for shade.

front fence landscaping plantings gardening
Yes, we all want a white picket fence with climbing roses. Did they put that in children's books when we were little?

landscaping back yard gardening ideas
Curve those beds!

planting under large trees steps sloped yard
Shade plantings laddered up into woods.

using boxwoods to create beds in back yard gravel paths
Love the use of boxwoods to frame out planting groupings.

landscaping a suburban back yard flower beds

planting a sloped front yard bushes hydrangeas
Addressing a front yard with a slope.

curved garden beds perennials plantings

gardening under large trees shade border

plantings for a slop in back yard wooded area patio
Slopes are SO hard to plant. Water runs off easily creating a dry environment. This looks perfect.

small back yard grave and boxwoods
If you have a small backyard, this would be perfect for the no maintenance type. Good idea for a townhouse as well.

landscape design front yard pergola gray house blue shutters
Talk about perfect bloom timing.

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