Saturday, July 28, 2012

On the Campaign Trail

This last week I was on a campaign for, well, Campaign Furniture. A dresser to be exact and I wanted it in a white lacquer...something unique for my bedroom. This type of furniture is so hot right now and really hard to find. Its background goes all the way to Julius Ceasar and meant for traveling armies.  British army officers put it on the social elite list, which worked perfectly since pieces don brass capped corners and shiny brass inset handles.

Its comeback is spurred by the Mid Century Modern craze that is sweeping home design. You know, that 1960s furniture of your parents that you got rid of? Oh yeah, it's all back. For campaign furniture, the rage is to paint or lacquer the vintage pieces in white, black or super cool colors influenced by the Hollywood Regency trend.

Campaign furniture white Campaign dresser zebra print chairs hollywood regency
From the pages of Lonny. These are two chests put together in a chic green.

purple pink Campaign Chest
Society Social styled up their fab chair next to this purple piece.

Campaign furniture white Campaign dresser zebra print chairs hollywood regency
Love this white lacquered look.

Campaign furniture Vintage hollywood regency
Love it as a nightstand. I really struggled choosing between matching nightstands or a dresser.

black campaign nightstand brass corners
Via High Gloss Magazine. Black gloss for these flanking the bed.

Campaign furniture Vintage Campaign Desk lucite chair
So pretty.

So, in my hunt for a piece, I scoured Craigslist, ebay and Etsy.
Etsy has some cool finds for a reasonable rate.
Large Vintage Campaign Desk with Chair hollywood regency meets bohemian
I already bought my office desk, so if somebody doesn't scoop this up for $250 then you are crazy!

Campaign Nightstand white campaign furniture for sale

So, finally, after contacting numerous etsy collectors who paint and lacquer chic pieces, The Papaya Tree found my dresser. It's in a hot deep yellow, but I want it in white. She's going to spruce that girl up and make her shine. Can't wait to get it!

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  1. HaHa. check your email. My parents have a dresser and a nightstand exactly this vintage. Just goes to show...everything comes back in style if you hold onto it long enough!