Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Work and Love

All good intentions on my current, but it has been so sadly sidelined because my art has really skyrocketed. Big news to come soon and I will share with everyone, but I am in 'pinch me' mode. The last few days have really proven that persistence, hard work, not letting negative/jealous people get to you, and long hours can reward. I know how many long hours and years I have put into my full time job, so adding my art in addition has been monumental to say the least. Late nights, early mornings and no fun weekends. To all my friends and family who parent, hats off, because this is my baby and I know it's not nearly as demanding as a beautiful child who needs a billion times more time, attention and love.

So, today I delivered a commission downtown to such a gorgeous, sweet gal with exceptional taste. I have so many supporters that make every long day worth it. I cannot wait to see it up on her wall!

 This is a 48"x60", so quite large and I fell in love with it. She has beautiful taste and some exceptional antique and art pieces in her home, so it plays wonderfully. It's hard to convey gouache paint as well as gold in a photo because it really is more stunning in person and the colors are different when you see it. Photos don't really give you depth, opaque paint or light reflection as expected. As with other clients, I did a home consultation and collaborated on colors and taste.

Two more commissions in the works and a visit to another great supporter this weekend. For the Chuck Town scene, if you would like to see some of my paintings in person, just swing by Ann Beddinfield's Fast Frame shop in Belle Hall next to II Brunettes. She has so many frame options it's unbelievable and is SO reasonable. Thanks to Liz for introducing me! And, the drumroll announcement will come soon!

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  1. Wow you paint beautiful art work. Please share more with us.