Friday, July 6, 2012 newest design inspiration

Everyone asks me if I have a theme for my art. I guess color is my theme because there are just way too many inspirations that I find convey beautifully into a painting. I've been taking pictures with my phone non-stop lately when I see a color combination or design that inspires me. The other day I was catching up on some fashion mags while getting my hair done and came across so many cool prints and designs. But, it was the cover of Elle and the inside of Us that made me fall a little in love with Balmain.

The Parisian fashion house is literally on fire right now with celebrities and the fashion world. The intricate designs on the dresses, the use of gold and sparkle, traditional mixed with modern, rock and get the picture. The likelihood that I will afford any of their dresses is slim, but their detail is mesmerizing!

blue and gold dress louis vuitton style
This could practically be a Gilded Mint dress if the blue had just a touch more green in it!

kristen stewart premiere pictures
I really wish she would smile more...and brush her hair. Regardless, Kristen in a Fall/Winter 2012/2013 Balmain dress with intricate detail. At least she glammed it up a bit for an event.

Zoe Saldana celebrity in balmain dress photo
Zoe Saldana wowed with a feminine piece edged with a cut out back. Beautiful colors and sparkle.

Sexy vixen time. Two Victoria Secret models square off in this gold dress.
If you can get over the deep V in the front, the detail on the dress is exquisite.

balmain on selena gomez beach photo
When I saw Selena Gomez in the June 2012 Elle gracing both the cover and inside in Balmain, I was taken with how beautiful this design, a little color, sparkle, gold. It was just so feminine yet rich looking. Anyhoo, I had to do a painting that was just perfect feminine and luxe in feel.

pink painting art for girls room
Super chic for a girls room or nursery.

pink wall paint bedroom mirrored bed black and white chair
And, lastly, this just seems like a Balmain inspired bedroom. Love the shine with the bed, modern abstract and pink walls with a black and white accent chair! Courtesy of Domino Magazine.

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