Saturday, September 8, 2012

Candy & Candy

After devouring two new favorite coffee table books at the Hempel Hotel in London, I discovered the design firm of Candy & Candy. Now, their taste is very rich, indulgent, glossy London. It's not for everyone and most of us don't live in a $20M flat, need to redecorate our jet or refurb our yacht. But, there are some really cool designs that come out of this firm.

decorating a london flat ideas bright and airy sunny
Open, blue and white with a touch of black.

brass bathroom fixtures nautical decor ideas
I love how the cabinets and doors are rounded with the portico style window in each. Very nautical.

Did I mention they also publish their own magazine? Super posh and trendy for design.

interior design candy and candy decorating bedroom gray black white
A Monaco townhouse...very masculine and clean looking.

interior design candy and candy decorating entrance hall gray marble floor
Oh, this is their humble reception entrance at their headquarters. Gray all the way.

decorating an art space white leather chairs lacquered floor
Design in an Art Space. Love the silver drop looks like dripping mercury.
fashion coffee table book new york times photos interior design
This is their book, "Art of Design." It is an excellent and unique addition to your design books.

fashion coffee table book new york times photos interior design
And, finally, my new favorite coffee table book of The New York Times Magazine top photos. I have been so disappointed by fashion and design coffee table books lately that these really held my attention and will provide a whole new conversation piece for your table or bookshelf.

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