Monday, September 17, 2012

No White After Labor Day?

Although archaic and not applicable anymore, the adage of no white apparel after Labor Day still sends fear into many when they pick up those white jeans or slacks. So, what about interiors? It's not like you can just snap your fingers and swap out a shade for a room. Again, it's a stupid old saying in my mind, so here are some fab interiors in all white worth noticing with a little bit of my UK trip thrown in.

shiny white floors all white decor
White walls, ceiling floor, rug and furnishings with a touch of blue in pillows.

white cottage decor interior shabby chic
Various shades of white for a very french country/cottage feel.

all white kitchen white floors
Don't fear, I'm not going to post 90 more white kitchen pics:-) I like the white lacquered floors here.

soft whites living room cottage country decorating
Dreamy Whites blog takes white throughout her cottage and farmhouse. Super pretty and warm

decorating in all white

small sink vanity for small bathroom
You would expect a bath to be white, but I like this vignette because it's classic, modern and pretty all at the same time.
where to stay in london notting hill

Our hotel in London...the Hempel. All white and modern. 

where to stay in london boutique hotel
The Lobby which they tint up at night in pink or purple with ambient lighting.

notting hill garden park wedding lawn location hempel
We had no idea when we booked Hempel, but their garden was the location for the wedding scene in Notting Hill.

hempel hotel rooms
 We were a little weirded out by our room I have to say. Super spacious and a suite, but we felt like we were on a space station with the massive doors and all white narrow halls.

artist sign and white painting
White on white for their gallery downstairs. I knew I liked this place...think I need this for my office...or my house since my art has taken over the entire place at this point.

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