Monday, November 19, 2012

The Winter Closet

Twice a year, I switch out my seasonal clothes from storage tubs because I have an old house with very little closet space. Each time I do this, I think there has to be a better closet system and storage set up for me. Well, I know there is, so here are a few closets for inspiration!

pink silk drapes dresser in closet Pretty Storage Closet
I have always thought of putting a dresser or small chest in a closet. The curtains allow for this. Also loving the open decorative shelves and cork board. Too bad I have about 100 more items that would need to be hung in the small bar. 

Closet Storage home bedroom
If I had a large space, a center island is a must. 

closet organization gray island purse storage
Khloe Kardashian. I love the gray island and to the ceiling storage cubbies. 

closet with Target hangers used to display boots storage idea for shoes
Boots are a pain to store---this is the perfect solution if you have the hanger space. 

Walk-in closet with floor to ceiling glossy black & white cabinets, masculine
This isn't for me, but what a chic closet for a gentleman. 

Beautiful closet design with glass fronted closet doors to shelves white feminine
I love a closet off of or in a bath. If I had the room in a bath, it's an excellent place to add some storage with a built-in mirror. 

Attic-turned-fabulous-closet using attic space
Finally, something to do with that awkward attic space. I love the wallpaper on the ceiling.

apartment storage ideas closet clothes shoes
Perfect for an apartment or room that has no closet. 

Closet organization
Installing drawers and storage below short hanging clothes is perfect...even if only on half of the closet. 

Closet storage maximizing space with ladder and cubbies
We leave so much wasted space up high in a room. I love this approach with the ladder. 

shelves in closet shoes and purse storage
Separating out the long and short hanging items frees up space for shelves.

beautiful glamorous closet design storage and organization white and orange
And, finally, if I had the space everything would be neatly tucked away behind closed doors and drawers in a very pretty, clutter free space with a few high end light fixtures. 

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