Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Fridges in Town

We all know vintage appliances have served as art in the kitchen with bold colors, but now the traditional stainless models are getting a makeover as well. This summer, Whirlpool unveiled their new, sleek white fridge. The new "White Ice" finish as they are calling it may as well be a new Apple device with its combination of a white finish, stainless handles and mirrored glass. We all know how much I love a white kitchen, so this is perfect to blend in!

white and stainless appliances refridgerator fridge stove oven dishwasher

white cabinets and white appliances refridgerator stove

house beautiful white kitchen

white ice fridge dishwasher
House Beautiful featured the new look in their Kitchen of the Year display at Rockefeller Center.

sleek white refridgerator and modern kitchen
I think it also plays a nice contrast for those more modern kitchens that want to match their counters with their appliances.

viking refridgerator fridge black brass
Now, this black and brass refridgerator is GORGEOUS! It would be the mirror opposite of the White Ice. I could see it paired in the below kitchen.

black and white kitchen brass hardware
What a contrast but all pulled together with the brass hardware on the cabinets and drawers!

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