Monday, February 25, 2013

Designer Feature: Jean Louis Deniot

Jean Louis-Deniot as the name might imply, is Parisian. As most European designers, he leans toward the modern, refined. Now, there are some very ornate interiors that he has decadently dripped with a more traditional style, but on the whole, it's "eclectic chic as well as serene." His words, and they have you thinking, "I'm in an upscale, posh city hotel." Interestingly enough, he did the Carlyle in NYC. Gray, gold, black...common themes. But, he knows when to put them aside for a project, such as Corsica. Here are a few of my top picks:

gray beige tan bedroom gold mirrors
This just looks elegant and rich. Neutrals with wealth. 

gold bench end of bed jean louis deniot
Definitely serene with a shock of gold. 

black mirrored bookcases
Love colorful abstract art as a statement in a room. 

lighting art tall ceilings living room interior design
This well-lit art is mesmerizing!!!

decorating a small bathroom chandelier
Do you know how hard it is to make a small bathroom elegant? I do! This is fabulous...and do you see those storage cabinets built into the wall? When you decorate Paris flats, you have to find space somewhere!

gold nesting tables office with sofa
More space saving ideas with a soft tucked into an nook.

neutral modern beach house decorating decor
Putting aside the ornate for the view. Keeping it simple so the view dominates.

white and black kitchen floor to ceiling cabinets
C'mon people...we are never going to have a kitchen that looks this rich!

neutral and turquoise bedroom modern
Ooh, so very L.A.

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