Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hello Flamingo!

I remember on very rare occasions growing up seeing a flock of flamingos pass over our house in Fort Lauderdale. They honk when they fly and you're left awestruck that you just saw one of the prettiest and unique birds fly in the wild over your home. I mean, we only see them on TV and at zoos after all. At Richard Branson's club and restaurant in London, he had a few in the roof top gardens. I mean, of course he does. Wouldn't everyone if you had the money? From flamingo prints, wallpaper, fabric and paintings, they are popping up across home decor. Here are a few interiors that helped inspire me to paint such a gorgeous and unique bird for my latest painting.
flamingo art interiors design decorating
Gold and pink Couture Flamingo. Shop here for painting.

flamingo print interiors

flamingo art home

bedroom bird wallpaper

flamingo art bedroom print painting

gold black ikea draper dresser

flamingos flamingo interior design decorating

turquoise with black and white flamingos

flamingo print home interior dining room decorating

gold flamingo painting art print jennifer latimer
Shop here for painting.

flamingos home decorating

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