Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretty In Pink

Every gal loves a little pink. Whether you want a sprinkle, a dollop or bowl full, pink adds a prettiness to a space. Pair with black or gray to ease the panic from any males for an elegant space. Or, pair with a rich blue...your options are endless. Here are a few pink inspirations:

pink tufted ottoman with gold pinkblack interior design living room decorating

black mongrammed x bench lucite coffee table pink black decor interior living room

rooftop decor design pink white

pink and white decor bedroom interior design decorating

 Art Print Chanel pink white interior design decorating
This print will give you just a little sophistication and pink.

black and pink white striped chair interior decorating

lavender and pink living room decorating

pink lavender gray bedroom decorating design
pink grass cloth white headboard bedroom

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