Monday, March 4, 2013

Jewelry Find...All Gild

I'm going to admit that today I got a bit too happy snapping up some jewelry pieces from Charleston local Christina Jervey. After seeing her baubles grace this month's Charleston Magazine, I knew her pieces were just for me. I've had some hit and miss moments lately with gold plated and gold filled jewelry, so I wanted to see her pieces first-hand in the studio and chat about durability. She explained that her plating is heavy and done by a specialist, and that she'd also re-plate anything in 14K gold if years down the line they should start to wear. Well, I was sold. Check out her website  to shop or at Gwynn's in Mount Pleasant, SC.

gold jewelry with white fashion 2013 stacking rings 14K
How I got hooked.

triple stack rings 14k gold
Yep, got three stackable rings.

christina jervey charleston magazine white
LOVE this cuff. Next on my list.

I know I'm going to need to replace my gold bangles here soon. I adore the texture and twist.

She will customize anything. I grabbed this talon in a long 30" chain. Double this up with a shorter necklace.

charleston sc jewelry jeweler gold
More to love!

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