Thursday, June 14, 2012

Gilded Mint Lamps & Project Feature

I decided to take on a little project last night because piling it on seems to be par lately. I wanted to take a seriously drab and unattractive lamp that I found in an old box and make it sing. We played some serious dress up, but we'll get to that later. I didn't intend for it to be a perfect Gilded Mint color scheme, but upon reviewing the room, pink just wasn't going to work and nothing else either. This was going to offset the brown perfectly. So in the spirit of mint/turquoise and gold lamps, here are a few to view.

Gossip girl interior decorating ikat fabtric headboard
Celeb spotting--Serena Van Der Woodsen's Room on Gossip Girl. Of course her lamp is vintage.

sunburst mirror and turquoise and gold
Paris Hotel Boutique has this vintage ceramic lamp with gold accents on sale for $245.
I have to say, in a search for antique lamps in this color scheme, they are really hard to come
 by or get snatched up quickly!

Decorating with colored ceramic lamps
 Christopher Spitz Miller makes these lamps by hand if you are interested in throwing down some cash.

blue zebra print curtains white nightstand
Lamp color offsets wallpaper and white bedside table perfectly.

tuquoise blue lamps
Thibaut Design, wallpaper, gold sunburst mirror, gold demilune table and turquoise blue lamps.

vintage aqua and gold lamps blue green
Found on my day off at a local antique shop. These really weren't my inspiration as I spotted them after my project was complete. This pair is $190.

how to paing a lamp base
Oiy! This is my atrociousness before. The room is cream and brown currently...
it just needed a touch of color. Besides, I know one of my colorful art pieces will be going in soon!

how to paint a lamp easy decorating project
Ahh, after. I wanted this to look vintage, so I weathered the look. I could have taken more time to straighten the shade perfectly for you all, but had to snap and run. The color also turned out perfectly similar to turned copper, so doubly pleased on the resulting antique look. Easy as pie...some light sanding, tape, gold spray paint, mint paint and distressing. It is the absolute perfect pop against the neutrals in the bedroom. And, it's getting lonely missing some stacked coffee table books, candle and small vase of flowers, which will come soon! Is it Friday yet?

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