Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hotel Design & Cool Places To Stay

It's no secret that I am passionate about traveling to new places. I have been lucky enough to visit some pretty amazing places, and prefer off the beaten path, boutique style resorts that are small and unique. But, sometimes I do love a larger glitzy hotel. Hotels and resorts have been hiring some of the top interior designers to style up their properties, and some are just dripping with extravagance. Here are some cool interiors at places I've visited and even some newbies thrown in that will maybe get a future visit.

Four Seasons Marrakech
The Four Seasons Resort Marrakesh suite almost looks like a chic
living room at your friend's Palm Beach or California home!

tub canopy white and stone bath renovation idea
Bath at Londolozi in South Africa. We loved every minute of our stay here.

londolozi south africa safari decor ideas
The chandelier made Pioneer camp the swankiest of all in my opinion.

outdoor lighting for party
Lanterns for dinner every night.

chic new york hotel design and decor
One of the most stylish places I have stayed is GPH, Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC.
Every corner is dripping with intense style.
High design new york hotels
Yes, Gramercy Park Hotel has some intense decor, but SO cool.

               Ritz Carlton Palm Beach interior Eau Spa is glam and gorgeous             
Back down where I grew up, both Miami and Palm Beach have started to shed their art deco and chintzy palm prints. The Ritz Carlton Palm Beach was in dire need of a renovation, which they completed a couple of years ago.  My family is lucky enough to spend a lot of time here, so I was SUPER thrilled that they went stylish. The lobby and spa take the cake, but with chandelier printed lampshades, you get the picture.

tides miami interior design pink and black decor ideas living room
The Tides in Miami called in the biggest gun they could get with Kelly Wearstler.

blakes hotel in london room design shabby chic style bedroom
Blakes Hotel in London makes this room seem very unlike a hotel space.

orange chandelier mansion on forsythe restaurant review

where to stay in savannah most beautiful hotel rooms
The above two pictures are from closer to home at the Mansion on Forsythe in Savannah. Incredibly cool decor and all around hotel. Honestly, one of the funniest things about this hotel is the Picasso style boob paintings in the room halls. You can't stop staring. My top pick for a stay in Savannah.

 Everyone knows how I feel about Australia (my boyfriend rolls his eyes here). Yes, the country I claim I should have been born in. Swimmers are celebrities, the people are unbelievably down to earth and nice and everyone loves to be outside. My stay at the Blue Sydney was a highlight...this Taj hotel is in a century-old wool and cargo handling facility on The Wharf Woolloomooloo. The architectural details inside are phenomenal and urban chic.

Awesome art piece in pool.

Other than the ambiance and ultra coolness of this hotel, I really just loved going around and saying
WOOLLOOMOOLOO!!!! Is that just the most fun word you could say?


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