Thursday, June 28, 2012

Wagener Terrace Bungalow Update

My dear friend Janney reminded me quite pointedly the other day that I had not posted any pictures of the house. I know, I know, but things have been slow moving with some new furniture pick deliveries, unpacking (still don't know where some things are boxed), unforeseen plumbing issues, painting, work, etc. So, here's a peek into the living room progress.

before and after pictures craftsman bungalow cottage charleston remodel
Before...although the wall color was bright, it just wasn't doing anything for me. I did realize that light colors hide imperfections. So, when you have plaster walls from 1938, best to stay with a light wall color.

Artist Jennifer Latimer stacked coffee table books blue gray walls
After. Walls painted in "Quicksilver" by Sherwin Williams--a fantastic blue gray. Remember my post on ikat pillow covers? These were from etsy obviously. Also, notice the iron side table for a little industrial. I am in serious love with my newest painting set in the antique frame that I refurbished. It is available for purchase here. The ultra fab coffee table wasn't my original pick, but I decided to save a few dollars getting this clear lucite piece so I could splurge on a great gold bamboo bar cart.
white lacquered table geometric print rug gray walls
One last addition may be adding a silver reading lamp like the one found in the living room of The Zhush.

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