Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is That A Missoni & Chanel Knockoff? Why, Yes, It Is!

I have been asked recently about inspiration behind my paintings and what I consider when creating a piece. First, and primarily, I think about how a piece will look in a home. What good is a painting if it doesn't look good in your house or office? Second, inspiration definitely comes from fashion and fabulous color pairings. Let's chat fashion first. Recently, Chanel and Missoni have been my go to's. Chanel is an obvious need for explanation. But, Missoni you may wonder? Here's why:

Last fall Missoni teamed with Target for a line of items fit for home, apparel, accesories. Well, it's not likely that you'll ever see a riot at Target. The Missoni/Target line was a first! Everything sold out immediately, and shopppers were giving death threats over a towel in LA. It turned into a bit of a mess for Target as there were a lot of empty handed shoppers. Wish I had these:
missoni line at target

Rachel Zoe is the style IT girl of the moment. Reality show, check. Stylist to the stars, check. Launched own successful fashion line, check. Women using her coined phrases everywhere, check. If I see one more blogger say, "Amazeballs," I'm going to scream. Anyhoo, her California home is uber sheek with Missoni pillows as seen here:
rachel zoe living room

And, with her new baby, the Missoni bugaboo has been hitting the streets everywhere.

rachel zoe baby bugaboo

Last summer I wanted these expensive flip Havaianas BAD! Unfortunately, I was just as late as every woman who showed up at Target 10 minutes after it opened on 9/13/11 to grab some Missoni. Nada in my size anywhere online or Net-A-Porter. Oh, there were some posted on ebay for about 300% of original cost, but I just couldn't give the seller the satisfaction.

missoni flip flops

There is a super cute new design out at Nordstrom now, but I just got my heart set on the black.
buy missoni shoes
Style icon and popular blogger (my personal FAV and go-to blog) Bee of Atlantic Pacific and ladies of fashion wearning Missoni dresses. Notice Miss Union's for some inspiration reveal!

missoni dress day wear              allesandro ambrosio dress

Ok, almost done, but here is a fashion and color mix. Pinks, Oranges, Turquiose shades are so in right now.
top nail colors sold for summer 2012
My Color Combination Inspiration!

 And, now, the reveal of my latest painting, "Spring Missoni & Chanel Inspired Acrylic Abstract Painting on Canvas" available on Etsy. Various pinks, oranges, a pop of turquoise and highlighted with a touch of gold.

Abstract Painting for Home Interiors and Home Decorating

Here you can see the depth and highlights that the gold paint gives to the piece.

Gold tones look beautiful set against gold frame and white matting if you wanted to change the look.

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  1. This gorgeous painting sold on June 12. It's on its way across the pond to the UK!