Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Industrial Touches in Home Decor

Home design is a lot like fashion, there are trends and usually several going on at one time. We've covered ikat fabrics, french country and abstract art. The list is extensive and you must be wondering, how do I incorporate all those in my home? Well, you don't. You pick your favorites and add just a few touches of them here and there. If you've shopped for lighting or accessory tables lately, then industrial style has popped up on your radar. Urban chic, metal, exposed wires and bulbs, rough. I think I may just have one industrial piece in my home max, so started with an iron side table. But, there really are some cool additions you could consider:

home design trends 2012
Notice the iron side tables and iron/wood plank coffee table.

urban lighting industrial chic and interior design idea
Urban Electric Company here in Charleston has some ridiculously cool light fixtures. Not cheap, but this piece has a shiny gold interior that pops! Restoration Hardware has a less expensive version.

urban electric floor lamp
This is one of their floor lamps which has also been featured in Elle Decor.

iron stools metal frame windows kitchen design
The metal frame windows and iron stools add just a slight industrial feel to this awesome kitchen.

using a barn door in decorating pocket door solution
Barn doors are everywhere right now and are a perfect, less expensive solution over a
pocket door for saving space. This has a little industrial, but warmth with golden wood color.

Via House of Turquoise. Notice iron and wheels on coffee table.

side table for small space iron
This is the iron side table I picked up at Celadon Home here in Charleston.

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  1. Like the barn door picture. Will be using these in our downtown Charleston renovation. You can follow the progress at www.palmettoandcannon.blogspot.com