Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Man Cave Gets Some Style

It's sad really, but men just seem to get left out of the entire design process in a home. Bless their hearts, they try to offer their opinion when we say, "Of course I want you to be happy in our home and like what we choose." But, in the end about 2% of their input gets included because they aren't pouring over Pinterest, browsing design blogs or clipping from home decor magazines. And, that 2% ends up being focused on salvaging any of the items they brought with them that have emotional and nostalgic meaning.

But, there is hope. I have seen some incredibly tasteful rooms geared toward the sophisticated gentleman, or even just the man that has graduated beyond his post-college, bachelor pad. The over the top rooms are cool, no doubt, but you can still add just a few masculine items in a room so the peonies, pastels and gold/silver accents don't overwhelm. Here's to the boys!

white walls interior california home
Notice the industrial touches in the hanging pendant and coffee table.

black walls in office black and white checkered floors
Office is masculine and feminine. This just screams intelligence, money and class.

beige slipcovered couch zebra pillows
Framed maps have grown in popularity.

white kitchen double stainless refridgerators, modern kitchen design
It doesn't have to be all also love simple lines, modern and white/metal combinations. This kitchen by Timothy Haynes and Kevin Roberts has retro icebox hardware, super sleek and tall stainless fridges, and is done in all white. Perfect for the modern man that wants a little old world.

charleston home and design
Even just one strong piece in a room can appeal to both sexes. Let's face it, men don't like dainty furniture.

attic bedroom modern elegant
Very chic with gray accent wall set against white. 

clawfoot tub brass shower fixture armoire in bath
Double soaking tubs, interior shutters and stone floor. Simple and warm without being overbearing. You know they would revel in this space feeling like they were a roman god in their Tuscan villa.

tufted leather couch and trunk for coffee table
This is about as rich and manly explorer as it gets! Robert Redford, Daniel Craig, Leo---are you there???

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