Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lacquer Your Life & Your Walls with Style

Gilded Mint's mantra is "Lacquer Your Life with Style," so I thought it was only befitting that we cover lacquered walls. Now, this is for those willing to take a risk, spend the dough and make a statement. But, you'll see that not all these rooms are crazy.

applying lacquer on home walls
Green lacquer in hallway via House Beautiful.

lacquered walls shiny walls
If you don't want to go extreme, just do the ceiling for a touch of gloss.

glossy blue walls blue ikat pillows white sofa
Bright blue!

silver sunburst mirror using shells in decor
I like this black offset with white table and accessories. Via Markham Roberts.

blue green glossy walls blue tufted ottoman
Via Miles Redd. Softened with some pink pillows and white sofas.

white shiny walls
Love the offwhite in a lacquer. Via New York Social Diary.

orange lacquered ceiling
Orange ceiling in lacquer. Via Elle Decor.
gloss walls blue
Another hallway in a rich blue.

turquoise lacquer wall
Used a panel screen for their pop of shine. Definitely saves on install! Via Elle Decor.

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