Thursday, May 31, 2012

Coffee Table Books: The New Accessory

Many of us have them. They sit on the coffee table, on the bottom of a side table or finally get moved to a bookcase somewhere. But, stacking your favorite large books to provide height, personality and diversity to a space and grouping is a perfect decorating idea. Afterall, these books are essentially art in themselves! Add some flowers for color, a painting or print, and one other stylish item for your perfect vignette.

white lamp weave black shades

bookends for design books
 {images above at home of Erika Bretchel of Small Shop}
interior decorating popula painting
Purchased Gilded Mint painting in the home of Jennifer Willis, owner of Virginia Haskins & Company.
Her Etsy shop has loads of great vintage finds for this exact setting, from book ends to brass accents.

Carved marble bookends
Carved marble bookends from Virginia Haskins & Company.

22kt gold and teal pitcher vase
And, I personally have my eye on this gem. 22kt gold with turqouise as the ideal accent piece. I can see this next to a Gilded Mint painting, a vase of pink peonies and a few stacked design books. LOVE!
blue walls hall mirrored dresser
This is simple and uncluttered. Flowers, check! Artwork/photo, check! Accent piece with shine, check!
Coffee table books stacked, voila! {Via Houzz}

blue and white living room beach
Pretty white and blue living room. Check out stacked books on back console too. Keep it simple
because I believe the biggest decorating mistake people make is adding too much!

Glam foyer console table vignette with white milk glass vase, pink peonies, ...
I would take just one element off top, but otherwise fab. You can always sub your magazines for books.
Here, they used both. {Via Decorpad}

Gorgeous vignette with espresso stained shelves.
Quiz, if your closet looks like this, then you are: 1. A Celebrity; 2. Fashion Designer; or 3. Stylist.
All three of my top elements included! Mary Alice Stephenson's closet, so if you
guessed #3 then you are correct.

candles flowers books and interior decorating
These aren't coffee table books, but still same concept applies. Erin Featherstone's NYC apartment via Vogue. This was just too pretty not to include!

If you want some tips on stacking your books, this is from Emily Henderson as featured in HGTV Magazine:

bookcase arrangement organizing instruction

Happy Reading & Decorating!

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