Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Getting Down to Business

Probably the most neglected thing in my life over these past few years has been my home office. It's sad really. With some cramped quarters, laptop, endless conference calls and travel, I've resorted to any available table space or side storage room. The time has come to create a space that instills creativity and energy, yet also furnishes the organization and calm needed to stay grounded.  It is, afterall, where I spend a considerable amount of time, so here are some fresh decoration options to help get my business together around my work space!

Good storage and placement of desk looking out a window.

First, I'll take those windows!

 Two Words: GILDED MINT!!

Serene, Jute Rug and Great Desk. Love!

Soft touches and ghost chair.

This is a good base to build upon. Change rug and art, but bookcase
is excellent example of clean, pretty storage.

Pinned Image
Chair, baskets, mirror, white desk and a little pink! 

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