Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Me Gray (with a touch of blue)

 Gray is the IT color, so-to-speak, along with its cheery cousins Pastels. And, they go extremely well together. It looks good with gold and silver accents and can be applied to almost all finishes... 
pink curtains gray walls decorating interior

from walls
gray kitchen remodel idea
to cabinets

gray subway tiles for bathroom interior decorating 
to tile.

But, for my walls, I wanted something with a hint of blue like....
white slipcovered chairs dining room blue walls

So, the color of choice is a very pale gray/blue from Sherwin Williams called Quicksilver.
Sherwin Williams Quicksilver paint in living room
Stay tuned for the before and after pics of the space!

SW6245 Quicksilver
SW6245 Quicksilver

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  1. Gray walls with blush curtains?! Yes, please!! Love that combo!