Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gallery Walls for Art & More

Gallery style groupings are popping up in homes everywhere. No longer just a set of kid or wedding photographs, or child artwork on the fridge, these groupings can have a mix of black and white photographs, paintings or prints. It's your chance to personally express yourself and your style...no longer relegated to just one picture or painting. Laying the artwork out on a floor, bed or table to view your different options before hanging will help. HGTV recommends starting with two to four pieces hung in the center at the same height to establish your anchor or focal point and fill in from there. If you are doing this over a sofa or furniture piece, it's recommended to leave at least 6-8 inches between the piece and your first artwork. Here are some gallery favorites.

how to hang gallery art
Blue walls with gold and black.

gallery wall with mirrors home decor idea
Different mirrors can also be grouped to create their own gallery display.
coral ikat gallery art grouping tufted ottoman mantle lantern
Good variety and pink/orange ikat chairs.

gallery wall with mirrors home decor idea chandelier staircase
A staircase is a perfect space for a gallery wall.
striped walls mirror gallery wall
And finally, a mix of photos, mirrors and lettered art. Great mix on striped walls.

eliware: Devil Wears Prada Wall collage   desk, chair, mirror, photo gallery and bar cart.
And, let's be honest, even the fashion queen herself gave herself a little gallery wall...centered with
octagon mirror. Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine.

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