Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Marble Me White Kitchens

I'm not sure when it happened, but somewhere around my third house I became addicted to creating the chic and timeless white kitchen with marble countertops. Cream/off-white cabinets actually, and so it started. First, let me preface what my first shot at the white kitchen looked like before.

renovated ranch kitchen

Yes, that's circa ranch 1950's. I mean, you don't get that knotted pine cabinetry JUST anywhere!! We took everything down to the studs in this house, removed walls to open up the space, and updated plumbing, electrical, you name it. Every inch of cabinet, island and detail was hand designed by me with one of the most amazing carpenters in NC. This was the second kitchen we did together. If I told you how little we spent compared to kitchen design shops and builders, you would be aghast!! Unfortunately, all this fabulocity never got my final touches to complete with style details, pendants and pop! But, you can see it turned out beautifully.
ranch kitchen remodel idea white cabinets

home design idea kitchen ranch house

Here are a few other of my white favorites. Just divine!
renovated white kitchen with subway tiles and stainless
So, this may not be FULLY white, but you get the picture.
chandelier white kitchen remodel idea
Beautiful doors and windows let the light pour in.
remodeled kitchen gray walls
Silver pendant adds a crisp touch.
remodel kitchen ideas
Love this pop of color!
kitchen cabinet white paint Sherwin Williams
Archway adds character and slight formality.

Ok, I will give you a break because I could go on and on and on when it comes to white-inspired kitchens.

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