Thursday, May 24, 2012

Garden Stools

You may think this post is about sitting on a stool in your yard, or something to perch your tushie on while gardening, but think again. Garden stools are very popular in interiors as side tables and extra seating, especially when space is a factor or the need for mobility. I will be purchasing one here soon for my living room, and have come across some great pieces. They run the gamut on style and price, but my final pick is stylish and affordable!

I love the basketweave and simplicity of these. Via Neiman Marcus,
who dedicated a whole section to Garden Seats.

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I love the turquoise color.
Wisteria comes in with the most affordable option and a variety of colors. Loving the blue.

Suzie: Thornton Designs - Ivory & seafoam green foyer design with white & green pillows, cane ...
I love the use of this stool in the foyer. Notice ikat pillows from last post.

Suzie: BHG - Beautiful cottage bathroom with glossy white vanity, white garden stool, ivory ...
Seating for vanity in perfect for space.

Suzie: Munger Interiors - Chic beachy dining room space with white paneled walls, reclaimed ...
Can you spot it?

From Ballard Designs and I think my final pick. Great deal at $139.

Suzie: Style at Home - Christine Hanlon - Virginia MacDonald Photography - Chic living room ...
Living room again...check out the poof over mantle.

Suzie: Grant K. Gibson - Sweet bathroom with seamless glass shower, yellow garden stool, subway ...
Oh my goodness...super creative placement and utility in shower! Crushing on those tiles.

Suzie: Ana Antunes - Chic, sophisticated living room with gray blue linen wingback chairs ...
Turquoise tucked under the table.

Suzie: Toronto Interior Design Group - Chic living/dining space with multi-tone (black, blue & ...
If you need an extra seat at the table.
Z Gallerie has this Winslow Stool in elm wood. I like the rustic, softer feel to this. Very affordable.

Suzie: Fiorella Design - Formal living room with decorative wall moldings, silver garden stool, ...
And, finally, sleek silver paired with an abstract painting! Read my post on abstracts for home decor.

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  1. I'm a little in love with the bamboo table in the photo with the pouf over the mantle.