Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gilded Mint Interiors

I have come across some super cool interior ideas featuring a little Gilded Mint. Now, I fully believe that a color definition is completely subjective and in the eye of the beholder. I mean, I have never had so many discussions at a St. Patty's Day party about whether or not someone was truly wearing GREEN. Is that blue, seafoam, khaki, on and on. So, in that spirit, I'm going to always take some liberties around what constitutes 'mint.' For your home, go all the way or just add a few touches here and there to spruce up your decor.

chic bath decor ideas
I mean, seriously? How amazing is this tile?!! Ikat mosaic tiles, gold mirror and sconces,
plus a perfect sink and faucet. Via New Revanna Mosaics

 pale green bedroom design idea
Such a soft, peacefulf mint for the bedroom.

bath chandelier
 I like this wallcolor against the dark wood and white.

gold floor lamp pastel living room decoration idea for interior
 You can always add just one piece...a little gold and mint. 

turquoise accessory home decorating idea
Okay, this is totally turquoise, but I just love the way it works with the gold accents.

gold end tables and mirror
Just a few mint touches in the rug, stools and pillows. Oh, and don't forget the Gild!

Now, here are a few ideas for decorating your space:

urban outfitters wallpaper  marrakesh
Marrakesh wallpaper by Urban Outfitters. Yes, turquoise again, but this was too good not to include. 

pale blue light serena lily
Chandelier by Serena & Lily.
turquoise accent and accessory idea for home decoration and interior design
Decorative suitcases by Z Gallerie.

neutral oriental rug by interior decorators
Pefect rug from WS Home.

turquoise cocktail table glass
Coffee table by Worlds Away via Cadelabra.
turquoise ikat pillow purple
This Ikat Pillow is pushing mint into turqouise, but I just love the color combination. This will add pop!
I am a HUGE fan of You can pretty much find any fabric or pattern on here for WAY less than most home stores. I am not a fan of $200 pillow covers, so Etsy is my go to. These are via EasternHomeDecor.

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